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Help Listening

On a Computer

To play our stream, a media player of some kind must be used. All popular media players are free and easy to install. You will NOT need to purchase the "Pro" version of any of these products for this purpose.

Our radio station utilizes a "stream" of packets of audio data. When you start a media player on the stream, you should NOT see a dialog box asking you where to save the stream. Saving the stream to a file will not work because the stream is continuous and never-ending, so it will never get done saving the file before it starts playing. Instead, it should 'instantly' start playing, perhaps after a short buffering interval. This method of playing the data as it is received is called "Streaming."

Our stream is of a relatively low data rate (32 kbps) which should be compatible with most dial-up services (which usually provide 56kbps), while still providing high fidelity speech playback.

Occassionally, your stream may be interrupted for one reason or another. In that case, you will need to stop and restart it. Usually clicking the "Stop" and "Play" buttons will work.

This method does not work for Windows Media Player, which requires that you reload the URL (see details below). For this reason, we do not recommend Windows Media Player to play such streams.

Windows Media Player

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version installed. Download here. If this is your first time listening to AirProgressive on Windows Media Player:

  1. Open Windows Media Player
  2. Press CTRL U (or "File - Open URL" if you have the menu enabled)
  3. COPY and PASTE the following URL into the drop down box.
  4. Click OK
To listen to AirProgressive in the future using Windows Media Player:
  1. Open Windows Media Player
  2. Press CTRL U
  3. SELECT the AirProgressive URL from the drop down box.
  4. Click OK
The URL needs to be pasted into the "Open URL" dialog in Windows Media Player by pressing CTRL U before it will appear in the drop down for future selection. Note: If you click "Stop" (square button) on Windows Media Player, it does not actually disconnect from the stream, but essentially pauses, buffing the stream for some time. Clicking play (right-pointing triangle) it will continue where it left off, and you will not be hearing the stream in real time, with time notices out of sync.


Winamp provides probably the most robust method for playing our stream, and it is highly recommended.
  • Download WinAmp from
  • Best if you associate playlist type .pls with WinAmp.
  • Winamp listeners click
  • Note: WinAmp works correctly when "Stop" is clicked.


  • Make sure you have the most up-to-date version installed. Download Real Player from
  • Real Player listeners click HERE
  • Note: WinAmp works correctly when "Stop" is clicked.


iTunes can be downloaded here.
Apple computer users should use iTunes. Simply and pasting in the following link:
iTunes is also compatible with PCs.

Listen using a Smart Phone

One of the most convenient ways to listen to streaming radio, is using a "smart phone" that can connect with the web. Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, or any of a bazillion different models from other manufacturers, it will be easy to play We have designed our site with these handheld players in mind.

Please note that additional changes may apply for data transfers. We recommend unlimited data plans or the cost will be prohibitive.

Smartphones will allow our station to be listened to using earphones or using the speaker. Also, in the car, simply connect the earphone jack to the Aux-In port of your car radio, or listen using a radio converter, which is a mini radio transmitter that can be received on an unused radio frequency on your in-car FM radio.

The steps vary slightly from model to model, but most phones will play our station without any application. However, we suggest that you use a player specifically designed for radio because the stock player does not disconnect very well (you have to turn it off or disconnect from the network for at least five minutes).

Listen Using Nobex Player

The Nobex player is FREE and easy to obtain, and it is compatible with Blackberry or any Android phone. It works very well and disconnects within 30 seconds when you click Stop, which is an important difference from the embedded player.

Use these steps to use this player:

  1. View this page to learn how to get the Nobex Player.
  2. Install the player, you will be using your phone to access the Nobex site.
  3. Once the application is installed, search for AirProgressive, and add this to your favorites.
  4. We suggest that you remove other radio stations from your favorites if you have no interest in those stations.
  5. To play, simply click on PLAY and to stop click STOP. Nobex radio does not maintain the connection for more than about 30 seconds after you click stop.

Instructions for using the stock player:


  • Open the phone's web browser
  • Click the "blackberry" button, click "Goto"
  • Type in the web address, "", click the trackball.
  • Wait for the site to load. Click the top "listen" link. (For other phones, try the various links until one works).
  • You will be asked if you want to open the resource, click "Open".
  • The media player will open. After buffering, the station will begin to play.
  • If you click "Pause" the program will restart from the same location when you click "Play."
  • If you click "Stop" the stream will continue from the current transmission when you click Play.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Data transfer continues during "Paused" OR "Stopped" periods. To stop data transfer, you will need to disable the connection to the mobile network, as follows:
    • click "back" to exit player and browser
    • select "Manage Connections"
    • uncheck Mobile Network
    • wait a full five minutes.
    • recheck Mobile Network.
    • click "back" to exit "Manage Connections"
    If you don't do this, the cellphone radio will be used heavily, even when you think it is turned off, and battery will quickly run down.

Listen using a Stand-alone Streaming Radio

If you do not have a computer at home, or if you just want the convenience of a stand-alone radio, new products are available that provide this function. Most rely on the presence of a Wifi access point within range.

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